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Wedding Ceremonies in Puerto Vallarta

Your Mexican Wedding Ceremony

A very personal choice made by the Bride & Groom. Your Mexican Wedding Ceremony is always translated into English or performed in English. It is possible to have many different types of wedding ceremony in Puerto Vallarta and we will advise you individually on the possibilities of your personal choice. To help you understand what we can organise you will find a brief description below. here are many different types of Weddings. You are also free to bring your own Priest to Mexico or other celebrant for Religious Weddings should you choose. We can give you support and advice to help organise your perfect Wedding in Puerto Vallarta.


Civil, legally binding ceremonies: Certainly the most popular type of ceremony requested. If you have previously visited Puerto Vallarta you will already know just how beautiful the locations are. There are requirements to be met but it is highly unlikely that a couple would be refused a civil, legally binding ceremony in Mexico.


Catholic weddings in the church in Puerto Vallarta: A beautiful, religious ceremony. Catholic weddings must take place in the church in Puerto Vallarta. There are various requirements to be met but Weddings Puerto Vallarta will assist with all arrangements every step of the way. We will arrange and accompany you to all appointments in Puerto Vallarta to discuss the specifics of your wedding day.


Protestant weddings: Another unique religious ceremony. Protestant weddings can take place in the church or outdoors at a private location like a private villa for example. As with all religious ceremonies there are requirements to be met. Weddings Puerto Vallarta will assist you with every step during the organization of your religious wedding. We also welcome you to use your own celebrant.


Other religious & simbolic ceremonies: Any religious or symbolic service can be organised at a private location (eg) a private villa. These types of ceremonies vary from vow renewals, different religious blessings (eg) Hindu, Protestant etc and civil partnerships. We also welcome you to use your own minister or other person authorized to conduct the religious worship of your choice.


Based upon the information you provide us on the Enquiry Form we will send you a selection of Puerto Vallarta Wedding Venues, Puerto Vallarta Wedding Ceremony Locations and any other information specifically requested and suited to your needs.